As with all of our custom Harley Davidson builds, it all begins with a vision. This time we wanted to create something, that would be comfortable for very long rides and snap the necks when parked on the sideway.

Frame and suspension:

Even though, we were considering a motorcycle for travel, we were sure that the front wheel must be at least 21". Even better - at least 21" and 5,5" wide. For Deltoid build we chose a 21x5,5 bulldog style wheel, which in combination with our Tommy&Sons 6 degree rake triple tree kit was a bolt on fit. For front and rear suspension we went with the American Suspension air system which allowed us to have the configured comfort for the ride. Lastly, we installed an electrical centre stand, because whats the point of having a full air suspension and not being able to show it to other?

Body kit:

This project was the beginning of our Billow rear kit for Harley Davidson Touring models. We knew that we want comfort, but we also wanted the American style. This wish resulted in creation of our 10" out and 5" down stretched Billow bagger rear end. This rear kit was firstly developed in the computer screen, therefore we were able to modify the bottom so that you would not scrape it while turning or going slowly in a roundabound. Side covers and tank shrouds were updated from our previous best seller Magnus set resulting in a flush and perfectly connected full body kit.

Going long distances always means different weather conditions and various challenges. Having comfort as a priority, we developed a custom seat according to the customers needs, installed seat heating system and separated it for passenger and driver for the maximum individual comfort. Heated grips will not allow the customer to freeze his hands even with the softer gloves and short/long beam fog lights with additional fog lights on the front crash bar will always keep the road clear during the night. Lastly, 8 speaker and 3 amplifier system with IP65 standard will provide great and clear music for the trips even when you drive above 120 km/h.


The more HP the better. This time was no different. Its always good to have that additional kick when you need to overtake, or just be able to twist the handle when you have the feeling for it. For this build we installed S&S Cam kit with Rinehart ehxaust and Tommy&Sons air filter. The results were surprising and very pleasant.


To finish it off, we added a full range of Tommy&Sons accessories. This time we went with full Black Series set, having it all painted in the same gloss black colour and combining it with black plexi glass inserts. Our Black Series transparent derby cover uncovers the clutch and mechanical processes in it, while the Black Series air filter gives the necessary air flow for the upgraded engine.


Spending almost 650 hours on this build we realise that comfort and style combination takes time. However, once its done, it is definitely worth the cost.

Parts list:

Tommy&Sons Billow Rear Set (TS-HD-UNI-173S)

Tommy&Sons Billow Side Set (TS-HD-UNI-174S)

Tommy&Sons Magnus Dash Console (TS-HD-UNI-146)

Tommy&Sons 21x5,5" Bulldog Style Front Fender (TS-HD-UNI-157)

Tommy&Sons Milwaukee-8 Radiator Cover with LED Lights (TS-HD-UNI-164/LED)

Tommy&Sons Drop Style Taillights (TS-CNC-094)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Hexa Driver Floorboards (TS-CNC-049B)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Hexa Passenger Floorboards (TS-CNC-048B)

Tommy&Sons Predator Brake Pedal (TS-CNC-113)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Derby Cover (TS-CNC-112-M8)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Cam Cover (TS-CNC-116-M8)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Clutch and Brake Cover (TS-CNC-122)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Shifter Rod (TS-CNC-119)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Gas Cap (TS-CNC-124)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Latch Covers (TS-CNC-063B)

Tommy&Sons Black Series Air Filter (TS-CNC-126)