About Us

Five years ago we have started our activity with making some simple body parts for own Harley Davidson. It looked like a game at the beginning more, which has turned into the fact that today we have a team which is engaged in development and production of new body and aluminium parts, motorcycle repair and tuning services. Responsibility and serious attitude to things we do, investments in modern technologies such as CNC or 3D printing allow us to have lots of loyal clients around the globe today and produce more complicated and interesting custom parts for Harley Davidson.

Bikes for sale

Sales of custom and rebuilt motorcycles are one of our main activities. Most of them are second hand and fully rebuilt in our workshop. Our clients know that there is no such thing as insignificant details for us. We use OEM or high quality aftermarket parts from trustful manufacturers only. New owner of motorcycle can be assured that he gets motorcycle in perfect condition and without any hidden defects. We can help setting up delivery to European Countries as well.