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Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra 2017

Harley Davidson Road Glide Ultra custom made by Tommy&Sons

The new Road Glide is one of our favourite Harley Davidson Touring models. With a stretch to the back, new wheel in the front and a proper body kit, this motorcycle can turn into a killer bagger. And this specific one is suited for traveling as well.

Frame and suspension:

One of the main keys in a proper Harley Davidson custom bagger build is the front wheel. Since 2018 we started to really roll out with the 21x5,5” front bulldog style wheels. It quickly caught our customers eye as it stands out from the regular width wheels. When having a 21x5,5” front wheel it is almost the same in diameter as a 23x3,5” and therefore requires additional rake for front suspension. As for the many questions related to the Harley Davidson motorcycles, we got this one solved in house. In majority of our builds we use our own design CNC milled Tommy&Sons 6 degree raked triple trees and this build was not an exception. The triple trees are a bolt on front suspension part for Harley Davidson Touring 2014 and up models. Together with the triple trees we replaced the lower legs and front brake calipers to achieve an even and smooth finish on the front end. As for the front wheel, we got it covered with our custom wrapper front fender for 21x5,5” wheels.

Body kit:

When talking about Harley Davidson bagger custom body kits we jump into our topic of expertise. For this build we went with our best seller Magnus body kit for Harley Davidson Touring models. Starting from the front we installed our custom design radiator cover with LED running lights. The lights help to accent the front wheel and is a great spotter during the night rides. The LEDs in all our products are e-marked and therefore TUV approved.
Moving towards the middle of the motorcycle, the Magnus tank shrouds, gas tank console and side covers were used. The combination of these parts gives your custom Harley Davidson bagger a wider look, while the side covers stand out with an extraordinary connection line to the saddlebag. When using our custom tank shrouds, you will need to remodel your OEM Harley Davidson seat. To minimize your work effort, we have developed a Magnus seat and highly recommend it for your custom builds. Finally, moving to the back, the Magnus rear kit was installed for this custom bagger project. It’s a stretched rear end kit, going 7” to the back and 5” down when compared to the stock Harley Davidson saddlebags. When using this kit, you will need to extend your exhaust, as you are going far back, but we got this covered for your with our exhaust extension kits (available for both, Twin Cam and Milwaukee-8 models). Summarizing, the Magnus body kit has a clean flow throughout the whole body kit, gives a wide and stretch look and is a crucial element to your custom Harley Davidson bagger project!


When building a custom Harley Davidson bagger project, majority of its impression hides in the details. Therefore, CNC accessories cast a huge shade in this detailed look. Whenever you go up in the Touring class models, you see the changing floorboards. With the CVO models, you always get the best-looking ones. We go hand to hand with this Harley idea, and we want to have top notch floorboards for all our projects. Leading with this idea, we have developed our Tommy&Sons Predator Line CNC milled driver and passenger floorboards and used it on this specific project. These are 3-piece assembly floorboards, that provides a sharp and futuristic design as well as the perfect comfort for your feet. The floorboards can be disassembled to the smallest detail, allowing you to custom paint it for your needs. The rough pattern on the top provides a comfortable grip for your feet, while the whole construction is built from solid aluminum.
To accent the derby side of the motorcycle we used our Black Series custom Derby cover with black plexi glass. The derby cover itself is also CNC milled from a solid piece of aluminum, while the center is covered with a shiny black plexi glass. The plexi glass theme is held throughout the whole motorcycle, using it in the Cam cover, shifter linkage and Air filter cover.
The Black Series air filter is combined with K&N washable air filter insert, was designed for both Twin Cam and Milwaukee-8 models and comes in two finishes – transparent and black. The later one was used in this bagger project. To finish off the custom flow throughout the motorcycle we installed the T&S gas cap in the center and the Black Series latch covers in the back.


A custom Harley Davidson Bagger that is developed for traveling must be comfortable. In this project, we developed our own custom design seat and equipped it with a heating system. The heating system is split between the rider and the passenger, so that you wouldn’t have to burn your ass while your wifey is getting cold. Heating grips were installed as well, to keep your palms hot even when it snows. Having in mind the long-distance rides, we put a thought in the entertainment system as well. In total of 6 IP65 Polk Marine speakers were used, in combination with a 4 channel Mosconi Pico 4 amplifier and a Sony display system. Now you don’t need to listen only to the loud rock music, but can enjoy whatever goes with your taste as the music is crystal clear and can easily be listened to in the speeds of 130 km/h and above.


Even a Harley Davidson Touring model that is developed to travelling can be turned into a killer custom bagger without losing its comfort. All you need to have is a bit of imagination, proper bagger parts from Tommy&Sons and a good set of hands.

Parts list:



 Tommy&Sons Magnus Rear Set (TS-HD-UNI-126S)



Tommy&Sons Magnus Side Set (TS-HD-UNI-127S)




Tommy&Sons Magnus Dash Console (TS-HD-UNI-146)




Tommy&Sons 21x5,5" Bulldog Style Front Fender (TS-HD-UNI-157)




Tommy&Sons Milwaukee-8 Radiator Cover with LED Lights (TS-HD-UNI-164/LED)




Tommy&Sons Drop Style Taillights (TS-CNC-094)




Tommy&Sons Predator Driver Floorboards (TS-CNC-108)




Tommy&Sons Black Predator Passenger Floorboards (TS-CNC-109)




Tommy&Sons Predator Brake Pedal (TS-CNC-113)



Tommy&Sons Black Series Derby Cover (TS-CNC-112-M8)




Tommy&Sons Black Series Cam Cover (TS-CNC-116-M8)




Tommy&Sons Black Series Shifter Rod (TS-CNC-119)




Tommy&Sons T&S Gas Cap (TS-CNC-074)




Tommy&Sons Black Series Latch Covers (TS-CNC-063B)




 Tommy&Sons Black Series Air Filter (TS-CNC-126B)